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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Ahh, good old PearPC. While most know of this emulation program to run the PPC architecture (for things like Mac OSX), not many have seen how much it has advanced in a matter of one year. Although the last version on the sourceforge site is at version 0.3.1 the CVS and "Pre 4.0" versions have been in the works. PearPC can now emulate G4 processors, and allows users to right click on the mouse and scroll (by a patch).

Now speed wise, don't expect this to replace a normal Mac. The emulation right now, while useable, is no where near "great". I have an AMD 2700++ Athlon 32 bit CPU and 1 gigabyte of ram, yet it still has lots of problems running it. It is very slow, loading programs can be quite a task, and from someone who uses Linux and Windows, it's quite a bit different to use OSX. However, just the fact that the people working on this project got the thing "running" is just insane, and how it's gotten more useable in such a short time is even more of an accomplishment.

Also note, OSX Tiger right now is "working" but not really. It will run on PearPC, but installing it is somewhat hard. The other OSX versions run fine however.

Also, check out for pre-0.4.0 downloads, CVS version's and guides on how to set up PearPC

PearPC is for Windows, MacOSX, Linux, even BeOS.
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